2016 Legislation Monitor Spreadsheet

February 16, 2016 Vote

SB 11 Vote

    • 0-Support, 13-Oppose, 0-Monitor, 1-Abstain

HB 16-1254 Vote

    • 12-Support, 0-Oppose, 1-Monitor, 1-Abstain

HB 1048 Vote

    • 12-Support, 0-Oppose, 1-Monitor, 1-Abstain



  • Senate Bill 14-012 – Concerning The Program For Aid To The Needy Disabled
  • Senate Bill 14-014 – Concerning The Property-related Expense Assistance Grants For Low-income Seniors And Individuals With Disabilities
  • Senate Bill 14-021 – Concerning The Treatment Of Persons With Mental Illness Who Are Involved In The Criminal Justice Systems
  • Senate Bill 14-064 – Concerning Restricting The Use Of Long-term Isolated Confinement For Inmates With Serious Mental Illness
  • Senate Bill 14-067 – Concerning Aligning Certain State Medical Assistance Programs’ Eligibility Laws With The Federal “Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act”
  • Senate Bill 14-096 – Concerning Renaming State Veterans Nursing Homes To Veterans Community Living Centers To More Accurately Reflect The Wide Array Of Services Provided To State Veterans
  • Senate Bill 14-118 – Concerning Improving Protections For Individuals With Disabilities
  • Senate Bill 14-160 – Concerning Removing Limitations On A Transitional Living Program For A Person With A Brain Injury
  • Senate Bill 14-211 – Concerning An Alzheimer’s Disease Center


  • House Bill 14-1017 – Concerning Measure To Expand The Availability Of Affordable Housing In The State, And, In Connection Therewith, Making Modifications To Statutory Provisions Establish The Housing Investment Trust Fund, The Housing Development Grant Fund, And The Low-income Housing Tax Credit
  • House Bill 14-1029 – Concerning A Recodification Of The Laws Governing Reserved Parking For Persons With Disabilities
  • House Bill 14-1051 – Concerning A Strategic Plan For Enrolling All Eligible Persons With Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities Into Programs At The Time Services And Supports Are Needed, And, In Connection Therewith, Requiring The Department Of Health Care Policy And Financing To Develop And Implement The Strategic Plan And To Report Annually On The Number Of Persons Waiting For Services And Supports
  • House Bill 14-1186 – Concerning The Release Of Medical Records To A Person Other Than The Patient, And, In Connection Therewith, Setting Reasonable Fees To Be Paid For The Release Of The Medical Records
  • House Bill 14-1211 – Concerning Ensuring Access To Quality Complex Rehabilitation Technology In The Medicaid Program
  • House Bill 14-1224 – Concerning A Set Aside Goal In State Procurement For Service-disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses
  • House Bill 14-1252 – Concerning Funding For System Capacity Changes Related To Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities Waiver Services, And, In Connection Therewith, Making And Reducing Appropriations
  • House Bill-14-1271 – Concerning Extending A Mental Health Provider’s Duty To Warn To Include Specific Entities That, If Purposefully Damaged Or Attacked As A Result Of A Mental Health Patient’s Violent Behavior, Would Jeopardize Public Health And Safety
  • House Bill 14-1281 – Concerning The Allowance For Terminally Ill Patients To Participate In Clinical Trials Using Investigational Products
  • House Bill 14-1323 – Concerning Restrictions On The Ability Of A Government Entity To Access An Individual’s Personal Medical Information
  • House Bill 14-1338 – Concerning Planning For The Effective Use Of Colorado’s Regional Centers For Persons With Intellectual Disabilities, And, In Connection Therewith, Making An Appropriation
  • House Bill 14-1357 – Concerning In-home Support Services Provided In The Medicaid Program
  • House Bill 14-1358 – Concerning Continuation Of In-home Support Services, And, In Connection Therewith, Authorizing In-home Support Services For Spinal Cord Injury Waiver Pilot Program Participants
  • House Bill 14-1368 – Concerning The Transition Of Youth Ages Eighteen Through Twenty-one Who Have Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities To The Adult Program Of Services For Persons With Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities, And, In Connection Therewith, Making And Reducing Appropriations
  • House Bill 14-1369 – Concerning Required Licensure For Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers
  • House Bill 14-1373 – Concerning Individuals Who May Claim The Property Tax Exemption For Qualifying Seniors And Disabled Veterans
  • House Bill 14-1390 – Concerning The Legal Standing Of A Member Of The Public In Challenging A Violation Of The Open Meetings Requirements



  • Senate Bill 15-011 – Concerning The Pilot Program For Persons With Spinal Cord Injuries Relating To The Use Of Complementary And Alternative Medicine
  • Senate Bill 15-015  – Concerning A Clarification Of Benefits For Autism Spectrum Disorders In Health Benefit Plans Issued In This State


  • House Bill 15-1026 – Concerning The Issuance Of Military License Plates With An Identifying Figure Notifying The Public That The Hold May Use Reserved Parking For People With Disabilities
  • House Bill 15-1097 – Concerning Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, And, In Connection Therewith, Recreating The Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Commission As A Commission Under The Department Of Human Services, Continuing The Commission, And Authorizing The Preliminary Screening Of Juveniles In The Juvenile Justice System And Children In The Dependency And Neglect System For Possible Exposure To Fetal Alcohol
  • House Bill 15-1135 – Concerning A Terminally Ill Individual’s Freedom To Make End-Of-Life Decisions
  • House Bill 15-1136 – Concerning The Number Of Disabled Veteran License Plates With The Identifying Figure Authorizing The Use Of Parking Privileges That May Be Issued To A Qualified Individual
  • House Bill 15-1186 – Concerning Home-and-community-based Services For Children With Autism, And, In Connection Therewith, Making An Appropriation
  • House Bill 15-1188 – Concerning Clarifications To The State Vocational Rehabilitation Program


HB-16-1009 Fallen Heroes License Plates Local Authorities
HB 16-1037 Income Tax Credit Employment of Persons with Disabilities
HB 16-1048 Expand Business Enterprise Program
HB 16-1054 End of Life Options for Terminally Ill Individuals
HB 16-1062 Limitation on Mental Health Disciplinary Actions
HB 16-1063 Mental Health Professional Disclosure School Safety
HB 16-1065 Income Tax Credit for Home Health Care
HB 16-1075 Reestablish Alzheimer’s Association Tax Check-off
HB 16-1097 PUC Permit for Medicaid Transportation Providers
HB 16-1101 Medical Decisions for Unrepresented Patients
HB 16-1103 License Pathways for Mental Health Workforce
HB 16-1112 Training Vets to Train Service Dogs Pilot Program
HB 16-1134 Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business in Procurement
HB 16-1143 Prohibit Red Light Cameras Photo Radar Auto ID System
HB 16-1195 Home Modification Services in Medicaid Waivers
HB 16-1201 Health Professionals Companion Animals
HB 16-1212 Temporary Tax Incentive for Unreimbursed Medicaid Fees
HB 16-1254 P.O.S.T. Board Training Person with Disabilities
HB 16-1277 Appeal Process for Changes to Medicaid Benefits
HB 16-1302 Align with Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act
HB 16-1308 Fraudulent Misrepresentation of a Service Animal
HB 16-1321 Medicaid Buy-in Certain Medicaid Waivers
HB 16-1326 Consumer Access to Physical Rehab Services
HB 16-1328 Use of Restrain and Seclusion on Individuals
HB 16-1362 License Plat Auction Transfer Disability Benefit
HB 16-1366 Hearing Aid Users Enhanced Protections
HB 16-1380 Add In-home Support Service Certain Medicaid Waivers
HB 16-1394 Aligning Issues Around At-risk Persons
HB 16-1414 Funding Base for Telecom Relay Services
HB 16-1426 Intentional Misrepresentation Assistance Animals
SB 16-011 Terminate Use of FASTER Fee Revenue for Transit
SB 16-019 Videotape Mental Condition Evaluations
SB 16-025 End of Life Options for Terminally Ill Individuals
SB 16-026 Personal Rights of Protected Persons
SB 16-038 Transparency of CCBs
SB 16-077 Employment First for Persons with Disabilities
SB 16-093 Transfer Independent Living Services to CDLE
SB 16-120 Review by Medicaid Client for Billing Fraud
SB 16-162 Medicaid Recipient Access to Medical Professionals
SB 16-169 Emergency 72 hour Mental Health Procedures