Brewability storefront

Brewability Lab: Inclusive Employment In Practice

Colorado’s own Brewability Lab made national news by being featured in the Los Angeles Times newspaper this January. Most of the staff and management team at Brewability Lab, located at 3445 South Broadway in Englewood, Colorado, are individuals with disabilities. While enjoying the comfortable location, you may meet an employee with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, limited vision, or traumatic brain injury.  

Tiffany Fixter, the creator of Brewability, started out with Pizzability in Cherry Creek but the business never quite found it’s footing in the upscale area. She eventually closed that business and moved to Brewability in downtown Englewood. She plans to merge Brewability and Pizzability in the near future with Pizzability joining Brewability sometime in the spring of 2020.

Both businesses are based on the idea that people with disabilities have the same abilities, the same needs, and want to work just like people without disabilities.

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