No Plates. No Placard. No Parking.

Excuses vs. Reasons is a campaign born out of extensive research underscoring the need for more information on the challenges people with disabilities face when attempting to park in designated parking spaces.

The Challenge

Most able-bodied people do not think that access to parking for persons with a disability is a problem, although 96% of survey respondents have seen people who do not appear to be disabled using these designated spaces. In addition, while a majority of respondents (67%) think there are enough (50%) or more than enough (17%) accessible parking spaces, 61% of respondents with a disability do not think there is enough accessible parking.

The Approach

Excuses vs. Reasons highlights the justifications able-bodied people use to deny others this civil right. By using real excuses cited by able-bodied people, the campaign promotes the fact that “No Plates. No Placard. No Parking.” is a right all drivers should defend.

“I love this. We will place on our electronic message machines that run in all our clinic rooms and waiting rooms.  Thank you for sharing it and thinking outside the box in a very creative way.”

Bebe KleinmanChief Executive Officer, Doctors Care

Campaign Banners

"Whatever, Nobody Parks Here." Said no one with a disability, ever.
"It's fine, they have like 10 other spots." Said no one with a disability, ever.
"I'm just running in for a sec." Said no one with a disability, ever.
"I don't feel like walking 300 feet for milk." Said no one with a disability, ever
"I think I sprained my it's cool." Said no one with a disability, ever.