Physician Support

No Plates. No Placard. No Parking.

Dear Medical Colleagues,

We are asking for your help. You are our first line of defense to help stop abuse. If you have applications in your office, please note that this year they have changed and be sure that you have a copy dated 1/1/15 or later.


  • Please make sure the applications are distributed only to persons who meet the specific criteria on the form.
  • Each disabled family/person should get one form.
  • The DMV will distribute 2 plates, placards or one of each.
  • Please sign for the shortest span needed – 90 day forms can be renewed for one additional 90 day span.

Again, protect yourself and your patients. Know what you are signing. If knowingly misused or falsely signed, you can be fined up to $500,000 for a class 4 felony, or $1,000 for a class 1 misdemeanor. The bottom line is many people who are truly disabled are going home without groceries, prescriptions, or are late to medical appointments because they cannot find a parking spot for someone with a disability. Hence, people with disabilities are even further inconvenienced. We are making a statewide effort to help with education. We are hoping to educate those that park in disabled spots unlawfully, so that our population with disabilities has the same access as people without disabilities. This is not only about parking, but access to services, which is a civil right.

Thank you for your support,

Colorado Advisory Council for Persons With Disabilities