No Plates. No Placard. No Parking.


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“I’m just running in for a sec,” said no one with a disability, ever.

Campaign will bring awareness to civil rights surrounding parking for people with disabilities

June 15, 2015 (Denver, Colo.) – Able-bodied drivers use a variety of excuses to park in disabled parking spaces, whether it be to run an errand or out of pure convenience. No matter the excuse, however, it will never be better than the reasons people with disabilities have for needing these spaces. These are the messages behind a new campaign, Excuses vs. Reasons, launched by the Colorado Advisory Council for Persons with Disabilities.

Excuses vs. Reasons is the result of extensive research underscoring the need for more awareness on the challenges people with disabilities face when attempting to park in designated parking spaces. Most able-bodied people do not think that access to parking for persons with disabilities is a problem, despite these topline findings from the survey:

    • Nearly all respondents (96%) have seen people who do not appear to be disabled using parking designated for people with disabilities.
    • A majority of respondents (67%) think there are enough or more than enough accessible parking places.
    • Unlike the majority of respondents, respondents with disabilities are far more likely (61%) to think there is not enough accessible parking.

“We discovered that many people find the laws surrounding designated parking spaces to be confusing, as laws and fines vary by municipality,” said Chris Hinds, 2nd Chair for the Colorado Advisory Council for Persons with Disabilities. “However, there is a need for accessible parking spaces across the state. If you don’t have plates, if you don’t have a placard, then don’t park in those spaces.”

New research shows most able-bodied people do not think that access to parking for persons with a disability is a problem – even if they have witnessed abuse. Despite this, parking in an accessible parking spot goes beyond inconveniencing a person with disabilities. By taking advantage of these spots, they are denying a person with disabilities their civil right to equal access.

The Excuses vs. Reasons campaign highlights the justifications able-bodied people use to deny others this civil right. By using real excuses cited by able-bodied people, the campaign promotes the fact that “No Plates. No Placard. No Parking.” is a right all drivers should defend.

For more information, visit www.ColoradoDisabilityCouncil.orgAbout the Colorado Advisory Council for Persons with Disabilities

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