Debbie Brusio has a fist raised to three cartoon virus images

True life comic book helps daughter with understanding COVID-19 restrictions

Debbie Brusio was having problems understanding why her life had changed so significantly and abruptly last month. Debbie, a high school student who is autistic and a cancer survivor, was confused and upset when the daily routines she relied on were interrupted because of stay at home orders in her home state of Maryland.

Vincent (Vince) and Julie Brusio, Debbie’s parents, decided to create a help aid for Debbie to explain what was happening and to help Debbie find coping strategies to reduce the impact of the disruptions. The format they chose was a graphic story, better known as a comic book.

The comic book struck such a chord in the disability community that True Life Comics has received global press coverage. Requests for translation of the comic book have resulted in it being issued in several languages including Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese.

To download a copy of the comic book Debbie Fights Coronavirus please visit In addition, a video of Debbie reading her comic is available on YouTube at The Brusios have also developed a number of companion items including computer wallpaper, prints, posters, a coloring book, activity book, printed comic book, and a photo book biography. All are available through their Kickstarter campaign page, which is accessible on the True Life Comics web page.

The Colorado Advisory Council for Persons with Disabilities thanks the Brusios and True Life Comics for their permission to provide this information to the disability communities in the state of Colorado.