Accessible play area with slide

Two new accessible playgrounds in the Denver metro area

As of the end of August 2019, the Denver-metro area has two new accessible playgrounds open for public use. Clement Park in Littleton, Colorado, and Red-Tailed Hawk Park in Aurora, Colorado.

Children playing on a ground level merry-go-round.
Children play on a ground level merry-go-round.

The Clement Park playground is located in the Foothills Parks and Recreation District at 7306 West Bowles Avenue, Littleton, Colorado, and has a number of structures and swings with ramp and solid surface access and includes a ground level merry-go-round and a number of sensory fixtures adjacent to the ramps surrounding the play area. While a large portion of the area is still filled with wood chips, the designers are definitely working toward inclusion. Information on the new accessible play area can be found by clicking this link: Clement Park.

A true gem of playground accessibility can be found at the Red-tailed Hawk Park playground. The playground, designed, funded and built through a collaboration between the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Aurora Rotary Club, Arapahoe County Open Space and the City of Aurora, held it’s grand opening on August 23, 2019. Managed by City of Aurora Parks and Recreation, the park is located at 23701 East Hinsdale Way in Aurora, Colorado, and is the only playground of it’s type in the Denver-metro area. Both the playground and splash pad are models of inclusion with none of the various issues, such as difficult ground surfaces (wood chips or sand), sometimes found at other playgrounds.

Musical entry archway to play area over accessible pathway.
Musical entry arch at Red-tailed Hawk Park.

On entry into the play area, patrons pass through a gateway which emits musical chimes, a cheery and effective way of announcing they are entering an environment of inclusive fun. All of the travel surfaces at Red-tailed Hawk park are easily navigated and lead to a myriad of accessible equipment including a wheel-chair swing, support swings, an accessible zip-line type swing, sensory musical toys and even a roller-slide with a dismount bench.

Two types of accessible swings, Red-Tailed Hawk Park.

Information regarding Red-tailed Hawk Park can be found at the City of Aurora Parks and Recreation website