Union Station Makes Right By ADA

Article from Law Week Colorado

Union Station Makes Right By ADA


Denver’s Union Station will get an addition to its recent remodel with a nudge from the Colorado Cross Disability Coalition.

The CCDC announced Thursday that it reached a settlement with the Union Station Alliance to add a permanent ramp to the Grand Hall, a raised area in the refurbished Union Station. The ramp will bring Union Station in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design.

The settlement was signed just five weeks after the complaint itself was filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado. The initial complaint, filed Sept. 19, identified the City and County of Denver, the Regional Transportation District and the Denver Union Station Project Authority as defendants, but CCDC executive director Kevin Williams said he heard from an attorney for the Union Station Alliance, which was not identified as a defendant, to quickly resolve the matter.

According to the complaint filed, the Union Station redevelopment opened to the public on July 26, the 24th anniversary of the signing of the ADA, with only a temporary ramp, available upon request, to provide wheelchair access to the elevated section of the Grand Hall. Individuals without disabilities are able to climb the steps to the elevated portion and not required to seek out an employee to gain access, the complaint states.